Time Management Mistakes

Time management is hard to get right. While you (hopefully) don’t want to be a jerk to everyone in your social circle, you have work to do. Not only do you have the day to day stuff, but you probably career aspirations and personal goals too. And there really aren’t any goals worth doing that don’t take a substantial investment of time and attention over a long period of time to achieve. That’s just the way it is. And if you’ve ever tried to achieve something big and failed, odds are good that the time required to do something was a big part of the problem. We only have so much time on this earth and then we are gone, and it’s a real tragedy to live a life where you don’t dream big and achieve big. However, that tragedy will be yours if you do not manage your time well.

The modern world is also full of distractions. Whether it is due to the tons of electronic devices around us at all times, begging for our attention, or due to the demands of the swarms of people around us, there is always something to do. Whether the task is valuable or not, we’re all confronted with different priorities vying for our attention. Some of them are total wastes and scams, while others are some of the most valuable relationships in our lives. Many others are harder to figure out, however, as their value is speculative, and highly dependent on what you really want from life.

And that in itself can be another clue to the problem. What do you want? Is that different than what you think you SHOULD want? Is it different than what the people around you want? Does what you are doing match your larger goals, or are you trapped in an endless hamster wheel of minutea, whittling your life away one clock tick at a time, until, when you are too old to do anything else, you look back and realized your lost your most valuable asset to things you didn’t care about at all? Or will you focus and drive yourself to achievements that you never thought possible because you harnessed your time and attention to the best of your abilities and doing so provided you opportunities you could have never predicted? The choice is yours, but your results depend greatly on how you manage your time, in particular, how you avoid mis-managing your time.

Better time management is easy, in theory. In practice, its mostly the result of being focused on SMART goals, and doing the right things to move towards those goals, at the best time to do so, while avoiding being derailed. While simple to explain, you’ll find that it takes a lot of effort over a very LONG time to actually stick. Most people’s time management is a mess because it’s very hard to get right. However, there are some simple things you can avoid to ensure that your particular dumpster fire of time management is burning brighter than most. Thankfully, that’s really all it takes.

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