The People You Will Lead

Leadership can be an exciting adventure where you meet a lot of different people along the way. Some will be easy to lead, whereas others may be more difficult. If you have been promoted you’ll notice that your former coworkers behavior may be different toward leadership than it was to a coworker. While it may be frustrating to have to relearn what triggers and motivates people this is normal behavior. People act and respond differently around leaders.

While all unique and different, the people you lead can be distilled down into a few different types. These types don’t represent a particular person but are caricatures, or extremes to help illustrate the concept. There is no one size fits all for how to lead people, on the same vein there isn’t one way to lead people in each of these types however there are strategies that work best with each one.

This is definitely not a comprehensive list of all the people you’ll lead when you become a leader. These are also extremes examples of these types, rarely will you lead someone who has all the characteristics of a type instead it will be a more subtle presentation. As a leader you can use this information to determine the best way to lead the individuals on your team. As you work your way toward leadership don’t be one of these types and watch out for how your coworkers act around leadership. You may be able to help your leadership out so long as you avoid being the “Well Actually”.

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