Predictions 2022

This is one of the most fun episodes we record each year. Both Will and BJ look forward to reviewing their predictions from the previous year and creating new ones. It’s important to stay up to date with the changes in technology, especially in your particular field.

In many respects, 2021 was a continuation of last year, with many people having to make long-term decisions under a fair amount of stress due to uncertainty. Even so, most of our predictions came to pass. That said, it was a year of learning and growth for many, and even in difficult times a lot of people made tremendous progress in their own lives. We look forward to 2022.

Episode Breakdown

BJ’s Predictions

Split work force as some people enjoy coming into the office and others prefer to work remote. Many employers have enjoyed the reduced cost of office space, some have even reduced the size of their offices as more people work from home. There will be some who want to return to the office and others who prefer remote working. We’ll start seeing more split teams with people being given the choice to work remote or in the office.

The continued expansion of suburbia. I’m already seeing it out where I live, they are turning farm land into neighborhoods as the older generation retires and passes away their children and grandchildren do not want to be farmers so they sell to developers who split up the properties and build neighborhoods.

There will be an increase in sales of prefabricated and built PCs for gaming as the individual parts to build a gaming PC will continue to be hard to acquire by the average individual. Also, PC gamers may not want to go through the trouble of building their own machines. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if some industrious individuals bought prefab machines to cannibalize them and sell the parts.

An increased use of IoT devices and wireless sensor networks in infrastructure and planning. We’ll see more use of data collection devices to design roads in cities or when creating infrastructure to support growth. Nashville is a prime example of growth beyond what the infrastructure can support, other cities around the area have learned to build the infrastructure first then bring in the growth.

Will’s Predictions

One or more of the major worldwide flashpoints will spark off. There are several good candidates, including Ukraine and Russia, Belarus and Poland, China and Taiwan, the Koreas, the South China Sea, Crimea, etc.. A global seachange in power is going to occur. We can hope that it will be largely peaceful, but it’s unlikely to be entirely peaceful everywhere. When you add supply chain disruptions, large movements of people, medical panic, and food price increases to the mix, it’s probably not going to end well.

AI-assisted (to varying degrees) software development will become more common and accepted. Github copilot is neat and the recent changes in Visual Studio 2022 are well-liked (so far). While the tooling is still not as fast as many of us would like, it is getting there.

Some degree of migration out of the cities will continue occurring, as the people that have always wanted to leave, but couldn’t, now have the ability to do so with widespread remote work. And with the absolute mess that has been made of urban office space, we may well also see a revitalization of some urban areas as well. Housing prices will remain insane throughout the transition, and will seem especially insane to residents of smaller, quieter towns.

Schools are going to start getting a better handle on remote learning. While we can expect the default to be classroom learning, a lot of school systems, teachers, parents, and various other education-related positions have learned a lot in the past two years. By now, some products that will help with remote learning should be getting to the point of having decent product/market fit and we’ll start seeing these become more commonplace. It’s not going to revolutionize education, but it will likely make it more resilient.

Tricks of the Trade

Life is a test. Deserve to pass.

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