Millionaire Mindset

Hustle culture is defined by the idea that there is always more to achieve or attain. It’s the work hard attitude that when combined with working smart can lead to great success. Hustle culture is a lifestyle of continuing to push and only take minimal breaks to rest. If you aren’t careful can lead to overwork and burnout but if done correctly will drive you to go further than those around you. While full on hustle culture may not be the best fit for everyone we can still learn from some of it’s concepts like the millionaire mindset.

A million dollars really isn’t a lot of money, inflation aside it’s a matter of perception and how you see that amount of money. If you think it’s a lot then you’ll always struggle to get it. You’ll see it as this almost unattainable goal. Remember being a kid and $20 was a lot of money, some of us spend that on coffee daily. When you see a million as not much then it become mentally attainable.

Once you get past the internship and possibly first year or so as junior developer the salary for developers is not small. In most places it is easily enough for a single person to live on and if you are wise can support a family. Relying on your salary or savings is not going to move you forward though and will potentially be disastrous if you lose that job and have to eat through savings during a recession in order to survive.

Not everyone may want to be a millionaire, you may be happy and content with the lifestyle that you have and don’t want to put in the effort to get to that million mark. You may have other seemingly impossible goals that are more important. The millionaire mindset, while primarily focused on building finances can be applied to any giant goal that you may have.

These are just a few of the attitudes that it takes to think like a millionaire. It’s a change in your mindset that you do in order to make progress. It is possible to become a millionaire without doing any of these, this isn’t the one and only path. Even if you don’t want to be a millionaire, these are useful for going after any large goal that may seem impossible. They are helpful hints or personal hacks that will make the path a little bit easier on you as you travel the journey from where you are to your goal. Use them to help you achieve the impossible.

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