Improving Your Morning Routine

You don’t have to be a morning person to start your day off right. A good morning routine can make a tiring stressful day survivable and possibly enjoyable, whereas a poor morning routine can destroy even the most enjoyable of days. The less of a morning person you are the more important a routine becomes as it reduces the requisite cognitive functioning early in the morning when you may not be fully awake or aware.

However, a morning routine is nothing without a good night before it. That’s why we talked about nightly routines first a few weeks ago. For a successful morning routine your nightly routine should be established and you will need to get a good night’s sleep. Though there are times that this may not happen, which is why having the routines at night and in the morning are there. Also, with a good nightly routine you are able to set things up for yourself to get more done in your limited morning hours.

As you can see the implementations of the elements of the morning routine vary but they are still there. How you implement your routine may be different based on your life, schedule, and circumstances. You may have small children to get ready for school, or you may be in school yourself and have a roommate. Whatever your circumstance take some time to find a way to incorporate these elements into your morning and you will see a significant difference in your day.

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