Everyone Listening Is Rehired

Mike Acton gave a talk at the Game Developer’s Conference back in 2019. In that talk he detailed behaviors that he expects from developers he works with regularly. They are positive statements that he then discusses the problems arising from a lack of each behavior.

In a previous episode we reacted to the first half of Mr. Acton’s list. We gave ourselves a time-box to keep from going over and better facilitate discussion. As with the first set, sometimes we’ll agree with him and sometimes we may not.

This is a long list, it took two episodes just to discuss the whole thing. When hearing or reading it the list may appear overwhelming. You may think, how can anyone possibly exhibit all of those behaviors. It is probably not possible for any one person to exemplify all of these behaviors all of the time. You should strive to improve in the areas where you are not showing these behaviors. Every little step is progress toward becoming a better you and living a better life.

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