Everyone Listening Is Fired

In a talk given at the Game Developer’s Conference, Mike Acton discussed what annoys him about most of the developers he’s worked with over the years. He lists them as positive statements and then discusses why a lack of that particular statement annoys him. While they were written for game developers they are generic and apply across the development landscape.

This will be a little bit different from other episodes. We will go through Mr. Acton’s 50 things expected of developers reacting to them as we go along. Sometimes we will agree with his assessment and other times we may not.

To make this easier and be able to hit all of them we have group related ones while still keeping them in the original order. Some we will talk about as a group, others we will discuss individually. We are putting a time-box on this episode and will get through as many as we can within that time.

There is a lot to unpack in these expectations and the consequences of not meeting them. Your goal in improving yourself and becoming a better developer should be to meet as many of these as possible. Don’t feel terrible is you do not meet them all, none of us meet all of them all of the time. Keep doing what you are doing to meet the ones you are meeting. The ones that you haven’t gotten yet can become future goals for you to work toward while improving yourself. Also, look for these in other developers when times are good. They will be an indication of how it will be working with them during the difficult times.

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