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Better Dashboards

If you are lucky, someone will tell you what they actually want on a dashboard when they tell you to make one. If you're unlucky, you probably are going to have to figure it out as you go. Thankfully, there are some principles you can apply that will help you create application dashboards that are useful.

PCI Compliance

Breaches of payment systems are extremely serious. It's a great way not only to have major business problems, but to look like an idiot in front of all your clients, while causing them all kinds of headaches, including potentially emptying their bank accounts.

OWASP Top Ten 2021

A major security vulnerability will be found in someone's web application this week. The OWASP Top Ten list of web application vulnerabilities has recently been updated.

Under Skilled Seniors

When you started your career, you might well have been in awe of the senior developers, at least for the first job or two. Later, you might still be impressed with some of them, but others will seem like they were promoted past their abilities.

HTTP Verbs

HTTP or hypertext transfer protocol is a protocol for transferring documents: HTML, images, etc. between a client, usually a web browser and a server. HTTP verbs or HTTP methods are codified forms of communication in the client-server relationship.

The Great Resignation

Towards the tail end of covid times (or still in the middle of them, depending on where you live), a lot of news articles started talking about a phenomenon called The Great Resignation. While you probably have a rough idea of what's going on, it's well worth further discussion, because many of its implications are going to reverberate in the software industry for years to come.

Steps To Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is about knowing how to organize and understand a problem or decision and come to conclusion. It is necessary for avoiding cognitive bias in advanced problem solving skills and decision making.

Better Meeting Notes

Meetings are a fact of life and nearly everyone could improve the way that they take notes. There is nothing worse than sitting through a long meeting and then later having to ask a bunch of questions that were answered in that meeting. It wastes time and leads to a lot of mistakes.

Resilience Through Consistency

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly. Having consistent patterns of behavior helps you to know where to jump back in when something knocks you off your regular schedule requiring you to be resilient.


As development teams grow, the number of code repositories used by them grows as well. Over time, this ends up making some things more complicated than they have to be. You've probably heard of companies putting everything in a single repository. Is this the answer to the problem?