Podcast Episodes

Overview of the Enneagram

Some personalities can be overwhelming, especially if you don't understand them and what motivates the people with them. Understanding personality has been an area of study since before recorded history. The Enneagram is one personality test that has been around for a long time.

Recovering Motivation

The current lack of personal creative outlets may lead to depression, so recovering motivation can be important to maintaining productivity.

Programming Paradigms

Paradigms are ways of looking at the world around us. Programming paradigms are ways in which we look at programming styles, languages, and frameworks to classify and understand the world in which we code.

Predictions 2021

Since New Years Eve is a Thursday this year, and we're happy to see 2020 gone, we've decided to make our typical first episode of the year our last one this year.

Resolutions 2021

In a year full of closures, cancellations, and disappointments we've continued to publish episodes every week. Now that we've made it to the end of the year it's time to go back and review our goals and set new ones for 2021.

Surprises When Becoming A Team Lead

Team lead positions are often highly coveted by developers. However, a lot of developers get into these positions only to find that they include shocking changes to their jobs, for which they haven't prepared.

Becoming Teachable

Teachability is the ability to be taught or being able and willing to learn something new. It is humbly accepting you don't know everything while actively working to change that fact.

Dependencies in Unit Testing

If you've ever seriously tried to do test-driven development, it probably wasn't very long before you ran into something where testing became difficult due to an underlying dependency. Whether it's a database connection, accessing the file system, or dealing with the network, eventually your tests are going to have to deal with dependencies.

Staying Calm In Stressful Situations

Stress comes from lots of places. It can be sudden problems that arise on an important day that then tend to compound or it can be insidious, slowly growing without us knowing about it. It's inevitable, you will experience stress. How you handle it is what counts.

Antipatterns in Domain Driven Design

Domain-Driven Design (or DDD) makes application code a lot cleaner. However, like any other software development approach, there are loads of anti-patterns to avoid and best practices that may not be readily apparent when you start developing applications in this manner.