Podcast Episodes

Time Management Resilience

Your time is the most valuable and most scarce resource that you have. If you don't protect it and use it appropriately, everything else that you want from your life is out of your reach. It is critically important to protect it, but it can be difficult when small problems completely disrupt your day.

Understanding Memory

Understanding memory can be a tricky thing, especially the deeper into a computer system you get. To help understand it a hierarchy of memory was conceptualized. This triangular shape helps to visualize the different levels of physical memory storage in a system.

Bad Abstractions

Developers like to abstract things. Abstraction gives us a lot of benefit, but there are times when we need to reign in our enthusiasm for it. It's past time we discussed when abstractions are not useful or are actively harmful.

Discipline to Achieve Your Goals

We are reaching the time of year when resolutions and goals start to fall away. Being disciplined is an inconvenience, it's hard work but to reach big goals we need to be disciplined in what it takes to achieving goals.

Deployment Resilience

Writing all this code is fun, but when you have to actually deploy, it can be nerve-wracking. A bad deployment can result in corrupted data, system failures, angry customers and hours of wasted time. Avoiding busted deployments will become a priority after you experience one.

Learning Plateaus

When we are learning something new, we will all eventually hit a roadblock. Roadblocks are tough to deal with, because they sap your enthusiasm. Left alone long enough, they'll make you give up on your goals.

Aging With Grace

Ageism in development is a real thing in some areas of the industry and a concern for senior developers becoming more senior.

Going From Windows to Mac

You've bitten the bullet and decided to pay the Apple Tax or maybe you are considering the transition. Switching from Windows to using a Mac may seem a bit daunting, especially if you've been on Windows for decades. However, it is not as difficult as you may think.

The Five R’s of Resilience

If anything, the last two years has taught us that we all have to be prepared for sudden disruptions to our lives. You have probably also heard that being resilient is the key to doing so, but what does that actually mean?

Positive Affirmations

Words have power, whether you choose or harness it or not. What we say about ourselves, our affirmations, define who we are and how we see ourselves. Negative self-talk brings us down, whereas positive affirmations lift us up.