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Writing Better How To Content

From tutorials to ReadMe to product instructions producing How To content creates challenges not found in other content we write as developers.

The Role of Recruiter with Lena Mills

Many developers have deep misunderstanding of how recruiters work in the development ecosystem. Unrealistic expectations and ignorance of how the economics actually works leads to surprise and suboptimal results.

Structural Design Patterns

Design patterns are a way of thinking about abstract concepts in Object-Oriented Programming. Structural design patterns deal with the relationships between entities. They make it easier for objects to work together.

Improving Your Listening Skills

Much of this outline comes from SkillsYouNeed.com. We highly recommend looking at the site. Will and BJ start by talking about why you need to improve you listening skills by explaining the differences in hearing and listening and the benefits of being an active listener. They then provide tips for improving listening skills by removing distractions and putting your focus on the person speaking. Next they define what it takes to become an active listener and signs of active listening. Finally the guys discuss some of the hindrances to becoming an active listener and how to avoid them

Why Your DBA Hates Your ORM

Typically an ORM integrates a unit of work pattern that allows you to modify multiple objects then push the changes back to the database as a unit. This returns a chunk of data known as an aggregate root. The ORM pulls the data from the database and allows the developer to edit the data as an object in the code then returns it to the database. The ORM figures out what SQL to generate to send the data back to the database. This is called a unit of work pattern. It is effectively a transaction as it either all goes to the database or none.

Creational Design Patterns

A constructor is a function that is used to build an object and it is part of that objects definition. Calling a constructor causes cohesion between the code and the object being instantiated. Making changes in the objects can cause problems when calling the constructor. Strongly typed languages tend to catch these errors at compile time however dynamic languages such as JavaScript may not catch the errors until runtime or later. The creational design patterns are ways to break this cohesion

The Value in Not Working

Down time can mean time spent not coding at work for various reasons. For this episode though the guys use down time to refer to total down time, not at work and not working at home. Time away from the computer screen.

How Cognitive Biases Affect Developers

https://media.blubrry.com/completedeveloperpodcast/p/content.blubrry.com/completedeveloperpodcast/CDP-Episode0035-How_Cognitive_Biases_Affect_Developers.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (53.2MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Email | RSS | More “Critical thinking is an essential skill in our age of constant information (and misinformation), but our own subconscious biases don’t help matters much when it comes to sorting out truth from viral nonsense.” ~ Alan ...

An Introduction to Design Patterns

Design patterns are a way of thinking about abstract concepts in Object-Oriented Programming. In the original book 23 patterns were listed divided into three sets of patterns: Creational, Structural, and Behavioral. Will and BJ discuss both the benefits and some of the critiques of using design patterns when designing and developing code.

Learning Styles

Learning styles are a guide to help programmers understand how they learn and how to optimize their ability to learn new materials and keep up on trends in the industry. Will has found that he is primarily a kinesthetic learner whereas BJ is primarily a visual learner. However both enjoy listening to podcasts when driving because the content of the shows and the situation of driving lends itself to auditory learning.