Podcast Episodes

Everyone Listening Is Fired

We react to Mike Acton's 2019 talk "Everyone Watching This Is Fired" by going through his "50 things he expects of developers" and discussing them, or as many as we can in an hour. If you haven't watched his video check out the link in the show notes.

Time Management Baseline

This year's theme is time management. However, if everything is chaotic, it's kind of difficult to build a robust time management system that you can trust.

Predictions 2023

It's been an interesting year for many of us, with lots of changes. There have been both upsides and downsides to this year, and most of us have had to grow a lot. This is the first episode of 2023.

Resolutions 2023

2022 was an interesting year. It brought a lot of unexpected yet not entirely unwelcome changes for both of us and for the podcast. As we review our resolutions we'll see how SMART our goals really were and then we'll discuss the yearly theme.

Time Management Mistakes

Have you ever wanted to write a book, start a business, learn a new skill, learn to play a musical instrument, change careers, or simply become world class at something you like to do? Did you try for a bit, only to realize that you didn't have time to do it, that you couldn't achieve your goal?

Being A Good Follower

We hear a lot about how to be a good leader, but rarely about how to be a good follower. If we are all leading then who is following? Following isn't about blindly agreeing with leadership but instead is the ability to work within any role to improve yourself, your team, and your organization.

Creating A Nightly Routine

Many people will tell you the importance of a morning routine, however without a nightly routine our evenings are all over the place and we are left with sleepless nights, but not in Seattle. To improve sleep and rest we have to look at habit formation and building routines and rituals into our evenings.

Integration Code Smells

Integration points in complex systems have a tendency to surprise you, usually in an unpleasant fashion. While it takes a while to discover the underlying antipatterns that caused the system to have problems, there are certain "smells" you can look for that indicate common sources of issues.

Add Value On Your First Day

So you got a new job and you are starting in a couple of days. You are probably both excited and anxious. What will the first day be like? If you are like many people, your first day at a new job will be something that happens to you, rather than something you control. Not ideal.

Millionaire Mindset

The millionaire mindset is a common phrase in the hustle culture of people who are working hard to better themselves and make their world a better place. But what exactly does it mean?