Podcast Episodes

Let’s Talk About Text A string is a data type that stores text. There's more complication to strings than you would think, which is the reason for this episode.

Multi-Tier Architecture Three tier architecture separates the functional process logic from data storage and user interface. These are developed and maintained independently on separate platforms

Interview Trigger Warnings Some companies have bad environments for developers and some have developer environments that may work for some people but not others. As an interviewee you need to be paying attention during an interview for signs that the business may not be the right place for you. This also shows alertness in the interview.

Apprenticeship This week we celebrate one year of producing Complete Developer Podcast. It is exciting as we hit our goal for the year a month early. In this week's episode the guys talk about the apprenticeship program that Will put together to get BJ up to speed as a developer.

SCRUM Project Management In response to the trends in project management for software development from the 1970's and 1980's several methodologies were developed and became popular in the 1990's. SCRUM is a framework for implementing project management in Agile Software Development.

Code Katas Code katas help you to build solid practices in a controlled environment. The idea here is to create a situation with a known problem space and use it to safely practice the same thing over and over again until the technique is fluid, solid, and relaxed.

Ways To Fail At Time Management ‚ÄčTime is the resource we are least able to get more of. It's a far more complicated topic than most examinations of it will lead you to believe. This episode focusses on things that are obvious but still burn through your time. Each alone is not much but when combined or allowed to snowball they contribute heavily to poor time management.

Principles of Object Oriented Programming Object Oriented Programming has four major principles: Abstraction - using a focused representation of an actual item, Encapsulation - hiding the internals of an object, Inheritance - reusing code from an existing object, and Polymorphism - one name, many forms.

Using Social Media to Enhance Your Career A good portion of the content was derived from Brad and Debra Schepp's book 'How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+'. Will and BJ look at using social media for networking and connecting with others in the industry, keeping up on the current trends, and becoming a resource for others. Social media changes rapidly so this episode will mostly keep it to strategies that will help you no matter the platform with as few specific references as possible.

Increasing the Value of Your Time Others value of your time such as bosses, coworkers, friends, and family is determined by the value you place on your time. Find fulfillment in what you do by living purposefully and better contribute to the world around you. By increasing the value of the time you have you will be able to spend more time doing the things you value. Time is a commodity and you can have more value with less time spent.