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State Machines

Programmers rarely use state machines, but they are useful in certain circumstances. In the places they work well, they can make code cleaner, far easier to debug, and much easier to reason about and maintain.

Side Hustle Fails

If you have a day job, but dream of getting out on your own, it all starts with a side hustle. However, there are some common antipatterns in side projects that you should be aware of when you are coming up with ideas (or choosing between them). Side projects fail in predictable ways for reasons that are easy to see if you know what to look for.

Enneagram Type 3: The Achiever

Attractive and charming, the Enneagram Type 3 or the Performer is here to show you how it's done and look good doing it. The Achiever personality type is self assured, ambitious, and energetic but can become workaholics and overly competitive.

Metacoding: Coding Code Analyzers

Coding can be complicated, analyzing code even more complicated. Coding a static code analysis dives into the realm of metacoding. Creating code to analyze code doubles or worse the complications.

Long Term Financial Goals

Well, it's far enough into the new year that you probably have an idea about your taxes. And it's probably a good time to start thinking about your longer term financial goals. Whether you are trying to get out of massive student loan debt, or you are considering buying a vacation home, you should probably be periodically looking at your finances and figuring out how to optimize them.


While many software development teams have good workflows, sensible management, and good working relationships, that's not true of all teams. Some managers have a management "style" that results in them hovering over your shoulder and continually asking for updates, questioning your decisions, and generally making work more difficult than it has to be.

Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

Here to help, the Enneagram Type 2 or The Helper is the caring, interpersonal personality type. They are generous, warm, and empathetic but can become prideful, people pleasing, and possessive if not careful.

Prioritizing the Backlog

In backlog prioritization the priority of a task is subject to change as the project progresses. However the need for the task or feature is not likely to change as often. In agile, sprint planning can employ a variety of prioritization methods.

Large Teams and Object Oriented Programming

Most of us understand object-oriented programming to some degree. We might even have a deep understanding of design patterns, refactoring, and testing. However, a lot of those understandings can fall abrupty to the wayside when you are writing code on a large team with dozens of people.

Improving Your Financial Game with Lucas Casarez

If you are like most people, financial matters are not the most comfortable thing to be thinking about. Honestly, almost all of us could do a lot better than we do. However, your financial health is intimately tied to your personal health, quality of life, and potentially the quality of life for future generations.