A Developer’s Journey with Dave Harned

This week Will and BJ continue their A Developer’s Journey series where the guys talk with different developers about their journey into and within software development. The episodes in this series come out periodically and each one focuses on a different developer’s journey.

“I really decided that I wanted to build things at a job where I was doing tech support and bored of it.”

Dave Harned is originally from Louisville KY and moved to TN to attend MTSU and study Music Business the very year Napster launched. He started out in IT support and has been coding for about two years. He runs Free Code Camp Nashville. They have a facebook group and a new meet up group. He plays guitar in a few bands, enjoys hiking, long walks on the beach…

IoTease: Product

Raspberry Pi Zero W

At just $10 this is the next evolution of the minimal Pi Zero. It includes 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity that was not part of the Pi Zero. It uses the same wireless chip as the Raspberry Pi 3B. Just like the Pi Zero it has a 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, Mini-HDMI, 2 Micro-USB, and a 40-pin header.

Tricks of the Trade

Learn the language of your users. Don’t talk to them in yours. Use theirs. It will get you further and faster than trying to force them into techie speak and it will pay greater and greater dividends over time.

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