Salary Negotiations with Josh Doody

This week Will and BJ discuss salary negotiation with author Josh Doody. In the episode they talk about some of the common questions developers have about negotiating as well as covering some mistakes that we all make when negotiating for a higher salary.

Josh Doody began his career as a computer and electrical engineer before transitioning to consulting and project management in the talent development industry. With everything he learned in that industry, he wrote Fearless Salary Negotiation, a #1 bestseller on Amazon, along with several courses to help excel in job interviews, salary negotiations, and pursuing raises the right way. Now he helps people earn more money and get paid what they are worth with simple tactics that he has developed as a hiring manager and salary negotiation coach.

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IoTease: Project

Waspmote Plug and Sense

This is an IoT sensor grid with interchangeable probes that includes over 120 different sensors. They are solar powered, enclosed, and built to be waterproof and used indoors and out. You can program them over the air through their API. It’s not for the average hobbyist though as just the starter kit is around $500 on Amazon.



Tricks of the Trade

Scarcity mindset is the worst idea you can have. It doesn’t matter what aspect of your life when you approach anything with the mindset that what you want is scarce you value it higher than the other side. That puts you at a disadvantage.

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One comment on “Salary Negotiations with Josh Doody
  1. Josh Smith says:

    This was a great and informative episode. Really enjoyed it!