A Developer’s Journey with Jason Belcher

This episode starts a new series called A Developer’s Journey where the guys will be talking with different developers about their journey into and within software development. The episodes in this series will come out periodically and each one will focus on a different developer’s journey.

“It really kinda started way back when I was in high school”

Jason Belcher is an aspiring software developer and has also done a lot to help improve the audio quality on this podcast. Will and BJ first met him down in Atlanta at Code Newbies and they’ve kept in touch nearly every day since then. Jason provided the intro music for IoTease which he remixed from a guitar track of his father. He became interested in coding through music and mixing audio tracks.

Episode Breakdown





IoTease: Project


A wearable IoT device for your shoes. It gives details into the kinematics of your feet. You put it on the back of your shoe and it measures your foot movements with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and magnetic compass. Data includes graphs of pitch, yaw, and roll and force each time your foot hits the ground. All of this can be tracked in an app on your phone.



Tricks of the Trade

If you haven’t tested what you are learning against reality, you haven’t learned it. Coding tutorials are like a choreographed movie sword fight. Real world coding is like a drunken knife fight on ice. Some of the techniques are similar, but there is far less control in the latter. And the latter is what you have to learn to do to survive, unless you want to forever live in a fake world with safety nets.

Editor’s Notes:

The dictionary defines irony as “an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.” Alanis Morissette would define it as having audio troubles when interviewing the audio guy for the show. Be patient with us as we are learning to interview and record over distance.

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