Resolutions for 2017

Continuing the New Year theme the guys review their resolutions from last year and discuss how they accomplished or missed them. Then they each give six resolutions for this year.

Last Year’s Resolutions

BJ’s Resolutions

  1. Have a junior dev job by the end of February.
  2. This took a little longer but I started my current job in July.

  3. Have moved closer by July.
  4. This was based on having a job in February since that was a bit later the move didn’t take place until September but I’m now less than 10 minutes from Will’s place and about 20 minutes from work.

  5. Attend 1 out of state coding conference this year.
  6. I attended a conference but it wasn’t out of state. It was at our alma mater here in Nashville. We’ll be attending Music City Code next year too if you all want to come out and meet us. It was a lot of fun as several people from my office were there too.

  7. Set up Recreational Math blog and have 12 posts by August
  8. This got put on the back burner for now as my sister that teaches math started a new job and was in training most of the summer so we weren’t able to get together to plan it out and finish it.

  9. Blog more regularly on, weekly posts written in advance
  10. This is one I fell behind on. I have plenty of ideas and will carry it over to next year as I want to be blogging regularly.

  11. Begin process of starting business and build business website for self
  12. I started working on the business website but other opportunities have come up since this that I have pursued and ended up pushing my consulting business to the side. I still get requests to build sites but am sending them to others that have more time to devote to that work at the moment.

Will’s Resolutions

  1. Meditate more often.
  2. I don’t get to do this as much as I used to, but this past year was better than the previous.

  3. Be able to deadlift 400 lbs.
  4. My previous max was 365 and it’s been a while. I can do around 330 or so. Early year neck problems slowed me down.

  5. Get into a regular routine of bulk cooking on the weekends.
  6. I nailed this one. It has saved me a ton of time.

  7. Finish my book.
  8. Had to defer on this one. Still working on it, but Agulus, Code Newbies, the day job, and the podcast ate up a lot of time.

  9. Finish releasing side project (Agulus).
  10. It’s out and has revenue. It’ll be more this year.

  11. Schedule things better.
  12. Generally did better at this. It’s constant work keeping boundaries in place though.

This Year’s Resolutions

BJ’s Resolutions

  1. Buy a new laptop!
  2. Become a permanent employee at work.
  3. Speak at a conference, code club, or user group meeting.
  4. Outline and begin writing a book for autodidactic developers.
  5. Lose 50 lbs by October.
  6. 100 1 arm KB swings as a warm up to lifting.

Will’s Resolutions

  1. Meditate more regularly.
  2. Lift more often and hit 450.
  3. Do better with my editorial calendar. Finish the book.
  4. Finish my punchlist of home improvements.
  5. Improve my personal brand. Get into public speaking via a user group somewhere.
  6. Take more days off and use them for myself.

IoTease: Platform

Home Assistant

“Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Installation in less than a minute.”

It allows you to control all of your home devices from a single mobile interface. The nice thing is no cloud data storage. You can even set up advanced rules like turn on the lights at sunset when you are home or dim the lights when you start watching a movie.

Tricks of the Trade

Don’t be afraid of failure. If you are creating goals for yourself and you know you can hit them then you need to pick harder goals. It doesn’t help you grow if you can’t fail. Failure isn’t permanent. It is a chance to learn and grow.

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