5 Tips For Resolving Conflict

A few weeks ago when recording the mood was hostile. Both Will and BJ were on edge but could not define the problem. Finally after over an hour of recording BJ says, “I’m getting frustrated and angry” to which Will responded, “Me too, let’s figure out why.” At that point they stopped recording and happened next is the basis for this episode.

After telling the story of what happened that night BJ and Will get into a Conflict 101 lesson followed by a list of healthy and unhealthy responses to conflict. They then discuss the skills needed to effectively resolve conflict. Next is 10 rules for fair fighting with discussions for each rule. Finally they spend the remainder of the show explaining some tips for resolving conflict.

  1. Recognize the Conflicting Needs
  2. Manage Stress While Remaining Alert and Calm
  3. Control Your Emotions and Behavior
  4. Pay Attention to Feelings Being Expressed
  5. Be Aware and Respectful of Differences

Episode Breakdown

  • 08:46 The Episode That Will Never Air
  • 14:27 Conflict 101
  • 18:35 Responses to Conflict
  • 32:19 Rules for Fair Fighting
  • 40:34 Skills to Resolving Conflict
  • 44:42 Tips for Resolving Conflict


Highlighted this week is a piece of hardware that BJ used for building a Raspberry Pi based computer for his nieces. He looks at the pros and cons iPazzPort Wireless Mini Handheld Keyboard with Touchpad. A full QWERTY keyboard with media controls and a touchpad, the iPazzPort fits well into adult hands and is perfectly sized for you children as a first keyboard.

Tricks of the Trade

Will gives advice on picking the right tool for the job. The only way to know that you have the right tool is that you aren’t constantly feeling you are using the wrong one. Bear in mind that pain is a reaction to something you should not be doing. It is there to discourage you. If something is not working appropriately and causing pain stop using it.

Editor’s Notes:

Due to snow in Tennessee this week Will and BJ recorded the intro via Cisco’s Webex using their headsets instead of the regular microphones. Please bear with us as there is some echo from the connection.

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