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The concept of a 10 X developer is someone that produces 10 X (or ten times) what others at that persons level produce. They could also be called a 10X programmer or 10X engineer. There has been a lot of debate as to the nature of such a person or if they even exist. Some people argue that you can have a person produce 10 times the amount of code but that will be poor quality code full of bugs while others state that 10X means that in the same timeframe that produce 10 times the usefulness or 10 times the benefit to the business.

Zach Burt has been programming for 20 years and consulting for 10 years and he truly loves programming. Over the years, he has worked for large companies and startups in both individual contributor and leadership roles. He is passionate about open source, both in submitting pull requests and launching open source projects. His first book is called Software Engineer’s Guide To Freelance Consulting and teaches developers about breaking into the world of freelance consulting; it’s available at https://www.breakingintoconsulting.com. He lives in Manhattan where he enjoys playing basketball and meeting new and diverse people; he encourages you to ping him if you’d like to meet.

Zack’s company, Code For Cash, helps to cleanly organize information in the programmer employment market while proactively creating transparency. They work to build meaningful relationships between their clients and candidates.

Whether you are a 1x, 5X, or 10X developer there is always room for you to improve your productivity. By defining what a developer that produces 10 times their coworkers you can see where you should aim to be. The tips here are to help you become the best, most productive developer that you can be.

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Surviving the Whiteboard Interview: A Developer’s Guide to Using Soft Skills to Get Hired

Since BJ doesn’t have his copy of the book yet we’re asking Will about it for book club this month. What better way to learn about a book than to talk to the author himself.

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