Creating A Community For Coders

We are social beings and live in a world where we thrive from working together. We have the capacity to learn from those that went before us and grow by guiding those behind us on the path. Sometimes it’s easy to find the community you are seeking. When you start looking they just seem to be everywhere. Other times it can seem impossible to find anything. In those cases you have the option to give up or to build the community you want.

Saron Yitbarek is a developer and founder/CEO of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She is a regular contributor on several podcasts and hosts the CodeNewbie Podcast. She’s had several jobs in the tech world including working for Microsoft managing a training program called Tech Jobs Academy. She is going to talk to us about building an inclusive community for developers and those learning.

It’s built into our very nature to desire to be a part of something larger than ourselves. We want to be connected to others doing similar things and with similar mindsets. Many times you can find that by putting yourself out there and searching. Other times you’ll have to create the community you desire. Saron has shared her story about the community that she has built and the amazing things they are doing.

IoTease: Book Club

The Pragmatic Programmer

We are right in the middle of the book now. This is the meat of what it is to be a pragmatic programmer. We start this with a chapter about the basic tools. The comparison is made to a craftsman with a set of basic tools. As an artist I recently saw a sale on brushes at Hobby Lobby. The brand that I use was half off so I splurged and bought several more specific brushes, I already had the basic ones I use in most of my paintings. Just like each brush has it’s own purpose and unique function the tools we use as developers have their own personality and quirks. The next chapter gets into pragmatic paranoia. This talks about things like dealing with other people’s code and how developers shouldn’t even trust their own code to work perfectly. The next two chapters talk about changes in your code and dealing with changes that can happen while you are coding. The heart of being a pragmatic programmer is being prepared. The core of the book breaks down ways to be prepared for things that happen during development of a product.

Tricks of the Trade

Will forgot to write up his tricks of the trade this week. Help him out and send us your writeup.

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