Episode 2: Physical Health Concerns for Developers

In episode 2 we begin a four part series on health concerns for developers. The series will examine multiple aspects of our lives and provide some stumbling blocks and dangers to watch out for as well as tips and tricks to avoid them and stay healthy. We will be following the format of Physical Health, Social Health, Mental Health, and finally Financial Health.

The specific topics discussed in this episode are obesity/diabetes, back/neck issues, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries), Computer Vision Syndrom, and DVT (deep vain thrombosis). We will define each term or disorder then address some of the signs and symptoms, finally we will discuss ways to reduce or avoid the symptoms or treat the problem.


IoTease and Tricks Obesity/Diabetes
Beer Fridge Type 2 Diabetes
JSON Formatter www.diabetes.org
RSI Back and Neck Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Spine-health
Vision American Osteopathic Association
Computer Vision Syndrome Desk Stretches
10 Relief Steps Chair Stretches

Editor’s Notes:

Later in the episode BJ states that AOA stands for American Osteopathic Association, while this is true and we did use resources from their website the link to www.aoa.org is for the American Optometric Association.

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