Positioning Yourself For Advancement

Whether you are a junior developer who wants to move up to mid-level, or a software development manager who would like to eventually become CIO, your progress through the ranks will be slow if you don’t position yourself well for your next career move. To help talk this through, we’ve brought on Steven Fowler, who has had basically every position in this industry from programmer to VP of Engineering.

“At the end of the day we do not write code, we produce business outcomes. It starts with writing code.”

It’s better to prepare for your next career move consciously, rather than letting it be something that just happens to you. To do this well, you need to position yourself appropriately to help improve your skills and your employer’s perception of you so that you can take your next career step.

IoTease: Product


Shapescale is more than just a scale measuring your weight. It creates a 3D image of your body and sends that data to an app that lets you see things like a heatmap of our body, or weight loss progress. It will even create localized metrics for different areas of your body that you want to improve. A robotic arm extends from the scale and rotates around your body while you stand still. The head of the arm has 3 sensors, an infrared, an RGB camera, and a light sensor. It collects data then sends it to an app on your phone that interprets it and creates plans based on your goals.

Tricks of the Trade

Jump straight into what you are nervous about. It will force you to grow.

Editor’s Notes:

The was recorded right in the middle of allergy season. We did our best to remove the sniffs and throat clearing.

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