Using a Time Tracker to Improve Your Career

This week starts a new series titled Developer Power Techniques. The series will not be in back to back fashion as the Health Series though each episode in the series will be announce and the series in general can be followed on the Developer Power Techniques page of the website.

Will starts the episode out explaining why he started tracking his own time. He describes feeling like his career wasn’t going where he wanted and that he never had enough time to get everything done. The guys then discuss why using a time tracker can improve both your career and your personal life. On explaining how to use one they break it down into short and long term processes. In the short term they suggest tracking how you feel at regular intervals and then comparing this to what you have been working on and note correlations. Making yearly goals and re-evaluating them on a quarterly basis helps to track long term goals. Selecting and setting goals will be discussed further in next week’s episode on goal setting.


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