Beautify Your Story With CSS

Aimee Knight is a former figure skater turned software engineer. She’s a graduate of Nashville Software School here in town where she focused on JavaScript, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. Outside of work, she’s a panelist on the JavaScript Jabber and Angular Air podcasts, and an avid runner, lifter, and reader. As a type A personality she’s not at peace unless she has a set of challenges in front of her.

“We don’t want to shy away from CSS because CSS is there for a reason, and it’s there to help us.”

Many web developers avoid Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as much as possible and the lucky ones have standards that once set no longer have to worry about. Some developers even have trouble understanding the difference between an id and a class and how to appropriately use them. Aimee has come on the show to answer some of our questions about what is actually happening when we apply CSS to our websites.

CSS is complicated and at times confusing but it doesn’t have to be something to avoid. While we don’t have to know all the details of how our car works to drive it knowing a little about what goes on under hood can help when unexpected things happen. The same goes with development and especially things that effect the look of your website.

IoTease: Educational

The CSS of the Internet of Things


This educational slide show focuses on how to write CSS for devices but creating device agnostic CSS styling. Luis Rodriguez, UX Designer and UI Developer, looks at how to style your User Interface using CSS and HTML5 on smart devices such as interactive TVs. He discusses the problems with embedded CSS and then gets into the details of building elements and styling them using the interactive TV as an example.

Tricks of the Trade

Learn to game google search. Instead of searching for a specific question like “How do I relatively position CSS elements”, search for “CSS positioning sucks”. It will get you to people who are trying to market easy ways to learn things. Those people will have free content. This beats a how-to on a question and answer site.

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