Developers and the Law

DISCLAIMER:The information in this episode is for educational purposes and should not be considered legal advice. The aim is to hit on some of the most relevant legal issues that developers face and may not fully understand.

“Even had Will and I both gone full med student we would not have covered half the material that Gary shared with us.”

Gary Nissenbaum is a managing attorney with the Nissenbaum Law Group. Gary is also a published mystery novelist, tai chi instructor, and a HUGE Star Trek TOG fan. He has been kind enough to come on the show and share his expertise.

“I felt the whole time I should be typing up notes like I was sitting in a classroom, I learned so much.”

The Nissenbaum Law Group is a boutique law firm with offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas. It has an emphasis in business law, including internet, app, video-gaming and entertainment matters. The firm’s clients range from true e-commerce websites to brick-and-mortar companies that utilize a website solely as an adjunct. It handles a range of internet law matters, such as drafting electronic contracts, protecting against universal jurisdiction, addressing privacy issues and attending to the internet’s distinct intellectual property concerns related to copyright and trademark.

The firm also practices in the related field of technology law, such as representing software development and technology companies, including those that sell computer-based technology worldwide. The firm has handled matters that involve software development and digital technology projects in many regions of the United States, as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

IoTease: Article from

Wearable technologies change due to new medical devices regulations.

With the prevalence of device like Fitbit and Smart Watches tracking vital signs and other medical information they are starting to be considered as medical devices. This article discusses the new European regulations on medical devices. While most of the regulations focus on devices already considered medical devices some accessories not previously considered medical devices may now be classified as such. According to one regulation Directive 2007/47/EC “software, when specifically intended by the manufacturer to be used for one or more of the medical purposes is a medical device,”. Medical purposes include diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of injury, disease, or disability as well as investigation or modification of anatomy or physiological processes including birth control.

Tricks of the Trade

Panic is lethal, especially when a situation has legal ramifications. If you understand that a legal professional is paid to fix a problem for their client, rather than to create a problem for you, you’re less likely to panic and cause yourself problems.

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