Junior Developer Toolbox

This episode marks two years of podcasting for BJ and Will. To celebrate we’ve brought some of our friends on the show to discuss something interesting and exciting that they are starting.

Erin is a graduate of Nashville Software School and currently working as a junior developer. She’s active in the development community here in Nashville and enjoys getting together with friends to play trivia each week.

Jason is a junior software developer and has also done a lot to help improve our audio quality on this podcast. We first met him down in Atlanta at Code Newbies and we’ve pretty much kept in touch nearly every day since then.

Dave is originally from Louisville KY and moved to TN to attend MTSU and study Music Business the very year Napster launched. He started out in IT support and has been coding for about two years. He runs Free Code Camp Nashville. They have a facebook group and a new meet up group. He plays guitar in a few bands, enjoys hiking, long walks on the beach…

Junior Developer Toolbox is going to be a sibling show to Complete Developer Podcast on our new Complete Developer Network. In a way this episode has been our launch party for the new show.

This is an exciting time for all of us here as we see our friends start their journey into the podcasting world. Will or BJ may occasionally join the Junior Developer Toolbox crew for an episode. Be on the lookout for more exciting material.

DevSpace: North Alabama's Premier Polyglot Technology Conference

IoTease: Product

Asus ZenFone AR

It is Tango enabled and ready to use Daydream. Tango is Google’s augmented reality (AR) platform that allows the phone to track motion and understand space like humans. Daydream is their immersive virtual reality (VR) platform. The phone has 3 rear one for motion tracking, one for depth sensing with an infrared projector, and one that is 23MP. It’s not exactly internet of things but can be used as a tool for working with them.

Tricks of the Trade

John Sonmez says “Trust the Process.” In other words if you do the work and continue to push you’ll eventually get where you are going. The process is what gets you there not what other people think of what you are doing so don’t let their negativity hinder your progress.

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