Episode 1: How to talk tech with non developers

In this episode we discuss how to talk about technology with non developers such as bosses, customers, or coworkers. We provide seven tips for how to explain yourself and your ideas to those that don’t speak geek. These are:

1. Use of analogies
2. Be empathetic: avoid jargon, don’t talk down
3. Phrase your statements in terms of how it can help the business
4. Rephrase complaints and requests back
5. Give them an out. If there’s still contention
6. Present a solution rather than a problem. Present a symptom, not a problem.
7. Catch them at a good time.


Wikipedia on IoT
Rephrasing Blog

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2 comments on “Episode 1: How to talk tech with non developers
  1. Sdiabhon Sdiamhon says:

    What is tip #5? It’s missing from the list.