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This episode marks the beginning of our fifth year of podcasting. When we started the podcast our goals were to help Beej learn by teaching and give Will a platform to share his knowledge and experience with more than just one person at a time.

Beej and Will had an online meeting a couple months ago, just after the school semester ended for Beej. In that meeting we discussed our goals for the various projects and things we do. This episode is the results of that and a few other conversations. In it we are going to go over our goals for going into the future. Some are more immediate and therefore fully SMART goals. Some are longer term or ones where we are still working out the implementation details.

Complete Developer Network is our overarching organization. It contains all the entities and programs we are doing together. Will and Beej have their own projects as well but this encompasses all the stuff they are building together.

This podcast started the whole thing. We’re going to start off talking about our original goals with the podcast and where we are taking it in the future. Next we’ll talk about our plans for the future of Developer Launchpad then briefly discuss Junior Developer Toolbox.

It’s been a fun and interesting ride these past 5 years. From writing episodes on the fly to getting so angry recording we stopped and wrote an episode on dealing with conflict to spending hours going “full med-student” on outlines, we’ve learned and grown a lot. The future holds even more fun and exciting things for Complete Developer Network. We’ve already started working on writing more books, building courses, and possibly adding more free content to what we already offer. Thank you all for making these first 5 years amazing!

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Disclaimer: Complete Developer Podcast is recorded on a weekly basis, but sometimes they miss a week due to various circumstances.

Tricks of the Trade

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but it ends because you learned how to step consistently and sustainably.

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