BJ Burns

Photo Courtesy of BB's PhotographyI first became interested in computers with my first experience in fourth grade using DOS prompt to play Oregon Trail in the computer lab at my elementary school. I began programming in high school when I took a class on QBasic. I also learned Turbo Pascal and C++ before going to college. For me coding was a hobby, something I did for fun.


In college I majored in Psychology and went on to graduate school then to medical school. While in medical school I took some time off as I was going through a divorce and realized that I didn’t like medicine and did not want to be a doctor. After making the decision not to return I spoke with Will and some other friends, most of whom pointed out my enjoyment and fascination with computers and technology.

Current Projects

I am a full-stack junior developer. I primarily build API’s in .NET and do some work on the front end with AngularJS. Occasionally I write some HTML and CSS. Each month I write a new challenge for our meetup group. I also maintain this site and our Hexo generatored static site for Developer Launchpad. I became interested in IoT when I was given an Arduino starter kit for my birthday. Since then I have added a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Zero to my collection. Finally I have started working on a book to teach computer science concepts to autodidactic or self taught programmers like me.


Outside of computers I enjoy riding my motorcycle, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. I get on my Xbox 360 as often as possible, though I keep busy. I’m an avid bibliophile to the point that I listen to Audible when I’m driving in addition to reading in my free time. That is when I’m not listening to one of my favorite podcasts. During the holiday season I’ve been known to dye my beard white and dress in a red suit for family events and photo shoots.

Contact Me

Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn, like my Facebook Page, follow me on Twitter @bowtiebeej or check out my blog.