BJ Burns

BJ Burns is a Lead Software Developer, co-host of Complete Developer Podcast, conference speaker, and co-organizer of Developer Launchpad and State and Local Government Developer’s Network in Nashville, TN. He currently works in the .NET space building .NET Core and .NET 5 web APIs and with Angular on the front end. A voracious reader, BJ focuses his personal growth on the needs of his team and becoming a better leader. As an Enneagram Type 2, he is a helper and takes the Agile concept of servant leadership to heart at work and in his personal life.


In college, BJ majored in Psychology and went on to graduate school then to medical school. He took some time off from medical school while going through a divorce and realized that he didn’t like medicine and did not want to be a doctor. After making the decision not to return, BJ spoke with Will and some other friends, most of whom pointed out my enjoyment and fascination with computers and technology.

Current Projects

BJ is in the process of obtaining a master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. His recent school projects include building and testing Raspberry Pi cluster against the university’s high performance cluster.


BJ posing with one of his guitars at a church video shoot.

BJ is a leader at his local church running the camera division of the tech and production team and coaching small group leaders. He also serves on the creative arts, creative media (photography and videography), and children’s ministry teams. An avid learner, BJ is currently learning to play guitar and bass. His favorite guitar is his 2018 Les Paul Special built in his hometown of Nashville, TN. His goal with learning to play guitar is to eventually join the worship and praise team at church. In preparation for a mission trip to Albania he is also learning to speak some conversational Albanian. In his free time, BJ enjoys hiking with his dog and riding his motorcycle. 


Find BJ on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @bowtiebeej.