The Complete Developer Podcasting Family

“There are plenty of podcasts out there about languages and coding. What we are doing with the Complete Developer Podcast is to cover the other areas of life. For example, our first episode is about talking with customers, bosses, and others that developers interact with who are not fellow developers.” ~BJ

Before the big beards.The Friendship

Will and BJ met in college when Will called looking for BJ’s roommate to come review a satirical piece he had written for an underground newsletter. Being a regular contributor to the same newsletter BJ agreed to review the article instead. What came after was a fast friendship spurred by a mutual interest in satire and practical jokes with some martial arts thrown in for a change of pace.

With time and an ever increasing experience in the world both young men matured and maintained a friendship through the years. Presently Will is helping BJ to learn and relearn coding for the modern business. BJ for his part helps out with small tasks like setting up WordPress sites and writing About Sections.

The Podcast

The idea for The Complete Developer Podcast came from several influences on both Will and BJ. Being new to the community, BJ enjoys listening to several podcasts about coding in general and specific frameworks and languages. Working with other developers Will has insight into issues that developers and the community as a whole deal with daily. While BJ brings a fresh different approach to topics, Will knows the issues most concerning their fellow developers. The Complete Developer Podcast is their attempt to give back and help out others, be they newbies like BJ or experienced developers like Will.